Not enough Milk & Premature Babies

Not enough milk - Course Objectives:

Course Outline:  2 ¼ hours breaks not included
1.  Identify the difference between actual insufficient milk supply and perceived insufficient milk supply.

2.  Etiology and potential indicators of insufficient milk supply.

3.   Management of low milk production

4.  Re-lactation and induced lactation 

Premature Baby - Course Objectives: 

Course Outline:  2 ¼ hours breaks not included
1.  Differences between term milk and preterm milk

2.  Needs of the premature infant

3.  Mother’s needs in terms of her psychological state and personal feelings following a premature birth and maintaining lactation.

4.  Research-based breastfeeding for the premature infant in the NICU.

5.  Question and answer period.                                                                                                                                             Total 270 minutes